12F MPO Female to MPO Female Patch cord 1M OM4

Short Description:

Product name: MPO Patch cord cable

Endface type: MPO Female

Fiber type: OM4

Fbier counts: 12F

Length: 1M

Product Detail


MPO Female to MPO Female OM4 (OM3) Multimode Trunk Cable

MPO trunk cable, a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming field termination, is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles. With Senko MPO connectors and Corning Clearcurve fiber, it is optimized for 40G QSFP+ SR4/CSR4, 100G QSFP28 SR4 optics direct connection and high-density data center applications.
Construction Description
Fiber Count 8-144Fibers
Fiber Mode Single Mode: OS2 9/125µm Multimode: OM3/OM4/OM5 50/125µm
Fiber Brand OS2: SMF-28® Ultra optical fiber OM3/OM4: Corning ClearCurve® fiber OM5: YOFC Maxband® fiber
Connector Type: MTP® Female, Male; MPO Female, Male
Connector Brand: US Conec MTP®, Senko MPO Plus®
Polarity Type A, Type B, Type C
Cable Jacket Ratings: Plenum (OFNP)  (LSZH) Riser (PVC) Cable Type Bunch


MTP Connector Standard Loss SM Connector Low Loss SM Connector Standard Loss MM Connector Low Loss MM Connector
End-surface Type APC PC APC PC PC PC
Insertion Loss(dB) General 0.35 0.35 0.2 0.2 0.35 0.3
Max 0.7 0.7 0.35 0.35 0.7 0.5
Return Loss(dB) 60 50 60 50 20 20
interchangeability(dB) ≤0.20
Durability(dB) <0.20dB (500 Matings, per EIA-455-21A)
Tensile Strength(dB) ≤0.3 (Max 66N)
Temperature Cycle(dB) ≤0.5 (-40~+75°C, 21 Cycles)
Operation Temperature(°C) -20~+70
Storage Termperature(°C) -40~+85
Typically with MT series like MTP/MPO fiber connectors and with multi fiber ribbon cables, these MPO Fiber Patch Cord features multi fiber connection in the same single core fiber optic patch cord.
 OPTICO offer 1XN structures MTP/MPO Fiber Patch Cord assembly such as MTP to 12 LC, MTP to 12 MTRJ, Ribbon fan out patch cord can functional the same to and can be used to replace the expensive CISCO and IBM cable assembly.

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