China’s Zijin Mountain Laboratory Released 6G Major Achievements, The Communication Speed Is 10-20 Times Higher Than That Of 5G

China's Zijin Mountain Laboratory Released 6G Major Achievements, The Communication Speed Is 10-20 Times Higher Than That Of 5G

On January 4, Nanjing held the Municipal Party Committee Talent Work Conference and the Leading National Conference on Innovative City Construction. At the meeting, Professor You Xiaohu, the deputy director and chief scientist of the Zijin Mountain Laboratory, released a major original internationally advanced achievement-360-430GHz terahertz 100/200Gbps real-time wireless transmission communication experimental system, which has a communication rate that is 10-20 times higher than that of 5G. Created the highest real-time transmission record of terahertz real-time wireless communication publicly reported in the world. This result can be integrated with the existing optical fiber network to achieve 6G ultra-high-speed indoor and outdoor wide coverage. In the future, it can also be equipped with platforms such as satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, airships, etc., which can be applied to high-speed wireless communication scenarios between satellite clusters, between the sky and the earth, and between satellites of more than 1,000 kilometers, to realize the integrated communication of air, space, and ground in the future.


China's Zijin Mountain Laboratory Released 6G Major Achievements, The Communication Speed Is 10-20 Times Higher Than That Of 5G


This result is the first 360~430GHz terahertz 100/ which is built by the Purple Mountain Laboratory in conjunction with Southeast University, Pengcheng Laboratory, Fudan University and China Mobile. 200Gbps real-time wireless transmission communication experimental system.


You Xiaohu introduced that terahertz wireless communication is generally considered to be the core component of the future 6G mobile communication system, which can meet the needs of new applications such as future 6G holographic communication and meta universe. Traditional electronic terahertz technology is trapped by the inherent properties of electronic devices. The parameters of high-frequency electronic devices are gradually approaching the theoretical limit, and they are faced with a series of difficult challenges such as large transmission loss and limited frequency and bandwidth. Purple Mountain Lab chose photonic terahertz wireless communication as a new breakthrough direction for 6G, gave full play to the advantages of the system and mechanism, and gathered advantages to build a leading domestic and world-class photonic terahertz experimental environment. After more than three years of tackling difficulties, it pioneered photonics The real-time transmission architecture of terahertz fiber integration has completed the development of the photonic terahertz real-time wireless communication experimental system, breaking the world record of public reports that the real-time transmission rate of the terahertz communication system exceeds 100Gbps, and the results will be selected in the field of international optical communications in 2022. The top academic conference OFC Demo Zone, this is also the only Demo Zone paper independently completed by mainland Chinese scholars in the history of OFC terahertz communications.


In the next step, Zijinshan Laboratory will make every effort to break through 6G basic enabling technologies such as terahertz wireless communication with higher transmission rate, longer transmission distance and mobile scene coverage, build a world-class 6G comprehensive test platform, and strive to be the first to complete the key to the 6G system The test and verification of technical capabilities have made greater contributions to China's 6G research and development.

Post time: Jan-05-2022